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Carmo Gê Pereira has / is a portuguese project linked to sexuality since 2008. With years of experience in erotic advice and Tuppersex and creating and doing workshops, trainings, screenings and events, since 2011, and counselling since 2015, all connected to the area of ​​sexuality, in a successful attempt of passing an insight into sexual behaviours and identities in an open and demystified way.
Her main goal is to provide personalized information so that each individual can discover and enjoy pleasure in the safest way possible. 

She attended a Masters in women’s studies and just concluded her post-graduate studies in Sexology by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology, in 2015. She has also done training in Tantric Massage with New Sexology and informal training in alternative sexualities, as well as participated in other trainings and conferences about sexuality.

She occasionally collaborates with reviews of kits for adult entertainment, writes about eroticism and sexuality for digital publications and occasionally works with performance and eroticism.
Her work has already been featured in Público newspaper, P3, RevistaCrua (magazine), Canal Q and other publications.