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Carmo Gê Pereira has / is a portuguese project linked to sexuality since 2008. With years of experience in erotic advice and Tuppersex and creating and doing workshops, trainings, screenings and events, since 2011, and counselling since 2015, all connected to the area of ​​sexuality, in a successful attempt of passing an insight into sexual behaviours and identities in an open and demystified way.
Her main goal is to provide personalized information so that each individual can discover and enjoy pleasure in the safest way possible. 

She attended a Masters in women’s studies and just concluded her post-graduate studies in Sexology by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology, in 2015. She has also done training in Tantric Massage with New Sexology and informal training in alternative sexualities, as well as participated in other trainings and conferences about sexuality.

She has had her work highlighted in various media (see press) and has collaborated punctually with reviews, erotic chronicles or about sexualities in digital publications, continues to write and has a youtube channel with videos about sexuality.

Conferences and Events CV:

16/06/2018 - 17/06/2018
FESTIVAL PARADA PONOSA 2018 (Festival Ljubljana Pride 2018) - Workshop on Queer inclusive sex education and Workshop "About pleasure" on pleasure and consent - Ljubljana Pride - Slovenia

SEXOLOGY CONGRESS "SEXOLOGY, A TRANSDISCIPLINARY AREA" - Workshop of Basic tools for Sex Positive, Critical and Inclusive Sex Education for adults: data and support material for self-determination and choice - UNIVERSIDADE LUSÓFONA

SERIES OF TALKS ON MENSTRUATION - "SharkWeek: De-romanticizing Biology" session on menstruation by and for all - with Sacha Montfort - G.A.T.A. (Activism and Transformation Group through Art) and GRIT (Trans Reflection and Intervention Group).

7/02/2018 - 09/02/2018
Workshop: Sexual education for all from a sex +, critical and autonomous queer perspective
Auto-gestion Cerda - Activity integrated in the Program of Independent Studies of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA)
3rd Portuguese Congresso of Uropathy and Neurogenic Sexopathy - Session 6
Blindspots in neurogenic sexopathy – All bodies desire: Tech, porn, sex toys and facilitators of pleasure and experiences
Theory and practices in evaluation and counselling – Trainer on the opening seminar for the Level II – Counselling module included in the Postgraduate certification in Sexology given by the Portuguese Society of Clinic Sexology
City+ (Porto) – Ecosexuality and sustainable relationships
Rama em Flor ZDB Festival (Lisboa) – Panel: Loves and Pleasures beyond the norm
The deconstruction of romantic love by the survival of the refractoriness to consensual non-monogamies
Performance “No Sins Just Pleasure Confession Booth” - Giv Lowe, Lisboa
Maternity (Damas, Lisboa) – Moderation of the debate “Of the right to live and the visibility of dissident bodies”
AAUTAD’s GIS (Vila Real) – Category Woman: Gender, Construction, Identities for Struggle and Subversive Femininities
Session at APPACDM with parents and technicians: Neurodiversity and functional diversity – An Approach to Pleasure and Autonomy
Self Love Rules Festival (Confraria Vermelha, Porto)
Lots of Love Gathering: Exponential Experiences, Spiritual and Political
Gatherings at Confraria Vermelha – Porto’s Feminist Festival 2015 – Feminisms and Sexuality: If it’s not Sex+ it’s not my revolution, sexual education for adults in the construction of a better present and future
Youth Week in São João da Madeira
 Sex Positive Sexual Education for Youth and Young Adults
Writing on the margins colloquy, 2nd Edition (LGBT+ Porto)
Sex Positive Education for LGBT+ Adults: an approach to different practices, orientations and discourses in a safer sex context
Alto Minho’s Gynaecology and Obstetrics Conferences (Viana do Castelo)
Workshop: Sexuality in clinical practice – Sex Toys
11/2013 – 05/2014
Gathering Series “Sex Positive Wednesdays” (CdM, Lisboa) – The Good Porn – The Vintage Porn – The Feminist Porn – The Fetish Porn – The Butch Porn – Porn for Couples – Swing, for a mutual pleasure – Poli what? Other ways of loving! – Slut as identity, conversation about the Slutwalk movement – Searching for the P Spot (And the delight of the body in its entirety)
TendArmada 2013 – 3 days, 3 Experiences (Polytechnic Institute, Bragança)
Lecture “Sex Positive”
Series “In a dark cinema”: Porn and Masturbation (Center for Feminist Culture and Intervention, Lisboa//UMAR)
Workshop “How to find the G Spot (and the delights in the meanwhile)
“The Pornographer – Part I”, Viewing and discussion around Erika Lust’s documentary, Barcelona Sex Project (2008) 100 MIN
Lust+, Creative writing of a porn script
Changes with Art II Project (UMAR, Porto’s Literary Club)
Shortbus Lecture: Construction of a New Sexual Utopia, Trauma and Permeability
1/2012 – 3/2012
Series of Conversations, films and performances – Sex On Wednesdays (Espaço Compasso, Porto)
Event Cycle at Cultural Association Bixo Mau (Caldas da Rainha)
Looking for the G Spot – Me, Myself and I – The Pornography: All night long with Erika Lust – Sex Talk in Feminine: Open Talk