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Private Counseling

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Private counselling is open to women, straight couples, gay, lesbian, trans, queer and / or polyamorous people.
It consists in one to two hours of session, in which, with the support of the kit for adult entertainment and techniques from tantric, alternative sexualities, sexology and sex-positive studies, a sexual script is created and new itineraries are adapted to the wishes and self-discoveries of each couple or woman. The intervention uses also mindfulness techniques and compassion therapy. Within the sexological Bodywork, tantric massage and alternative sexualities techniques are also used.
The session is private, confidential and with the help of materials, if necessary.
 We will go through preferences, fantasies and desires, according to each person and to what they want to explore in the relationship. Techniques and methods are taught in a direct form as acts and discourses are unlocked, from a simple conversation to a more practical and direct intervention.
In private counselling, and amongst other subjects, we can approach self-knowledge and eroticism, new scripts, techniques and communication facilitation of will and desire between the couple, unblocking fantasies and pleasure.
The intervention starts with disassembling beliefs and myths and providing information and specific suggestions on each case, teaching techniques and creating scenarios sexually and emotionally safe for you to experience your sexuality in its full dimension.
After a session you can expect a lot of homework, as it is intended a sense of comfort and greater ease with your sexual experiences, along with will and curiosity to discover and open up new worlds of pleasure.

If it is only an individual class of pompoir (bio-vaginas) the cost is 40 €. Usually the full pompoir plan involves two sessions in between three weeks. After these two sessions the client is considered autonomous to do the workout. The cost of the practice kit is € 50 (plus shipping if necessary).

Individual class Pompoir: 40 €.
Individual sexual advice to women and trans* people: 60 €
Sexual advice to  couples, constelations or men: 80 €
Skype Counseling: 50€

Before booking a reservation a previous conversation over the phone and an e-mail are required.