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Todos estes workshops podem ser requisitados por grupos privados, bastando para isso reunir um número de pessoas mínimas e acordar a data e hora com a formadora.
  • Pompoir

    © Ana Farias
    The art of controlling, moving and training flexibility of the vaginal muscles.
    Of oriental roots, between Thailand, Japan and India, partially adapted to the West by Dr. Kegel, it brings health benefits such as improvement of the vaginal flora, prevention and healing of urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse as well as an improvement in the person's sex life, it may also help to react to vaginal atrophy in some cases. 
    The Pompoir workshop goes on for three hours in which the history and tradition of Pompoir, from East to West, genital vaginal and pelvic physiology, relaxation and muscle control, basic exercises, instruments for the practice, advanced exercises and the use of pompoir techniques in sexual context is discussed. 
    Comfortable clothing is requested.

    Note: The workshop is non-cis-hetero-normative   - it is open to everybody, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, however, for anatomic reasons, only to people that have a vagina.

  • Self-eroticism, Knowledge And Pleasure

    © Ioni Cândida
    Masturbation Workshop for Women
    -Full body, shame and acceptance
    -Pleasure genital anatomy 101
    -Brief history of masturbation
    -Myths, benefits and risks. Analysis and reflexion on masturbation habits
    -Prolonging pleasure. Yoni Massage and Orgasmic Meditation - Orgasm as heal
    -What I want the other person to know about me and my pleasure

    There will be small practical exercises along the workshop, without exposure to nudity or shared genital practises.

  • Sex It Up

    © Candy Candy 4 Espiga Design
    Weekend intensive workshop in which a group of WOMEN shares information and experience, learns and (re)discovers new and old pleasures. 6hours a day for discussing and presenting techniques and different ways of being, demystifying practises and stress the importance of PLEASURE and joy of BEING PRESENT and doing.
    Approached themes:
    -Initiation to vaginal gymnastics
    -Massages and awakening of the senses
    -Communication  among the couple
    -Oral sex and manual stimulation
    -Anal sex and stimulation
    -Breathing and pleasure augmenting techniques
    -Different ways of loving or sharing intimacy
    -Safer sex and risks reduction
    -Light spanking and a little bondage
    -Fantasies and role playing
    -Marginalized or alternative sex practises
    Films display (short or clips) for accompaniment.
    Advisable for a two day retreat  (week or weekend)

  • Finding The G-spot

    © Ana Farias
    Finding the G Spot
    Open talk with a presentation of historical and medical chronology, contextualizing in the feminist movement, myths and perspectives, possible physiognomies and physiology. The importance of touch and masturbation, of self-knowledge e the knowledge of the other on the way to sexualizing the body in its full and not only genitalia. Training of the pelvic walls and vaginal pleasure, stimulants, toys and masturbation techniques.
    Note: Non - heteronormative workshop - open to everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.

  • Finding The P-spot

    © Ana Farias
    The body as a sexual whole, this gender carrying body, masculine and without sexual identity. We talk about myths, taboos and intimacy. Focusing on the prostatic stimulation, erogenous spots will come up, perineum and anus, techniques to provide pleasure for two, anal stimulation, perineum massage, rimming, manual stimulation, tricks, pointers, stimulants, toys and shares.
    Note: Non - heteronormative workshop - open to everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.

  • © Candy Candy 4 Espiga Design